About Erika

I know how awkward it can feel to sell to people. I've been there. But the bottom line is that if you aren't making money, your business can't last. Blargh, right?!

It's the frustrating catch-22 of business. You offer a product or service you love, and you need to to hit your sales goals, but selling just feels weird. It feels stressful and unnatural. Sometimes it feels downright sleazy!

It doesn't have to be that way though! I'm serious!

You don't have to sound like the "Sham-WOW" guy from the infomercials to be good at selling. And you don't have to pester everyone you know, and their second-cousins. 

It can actually be as simple and pleasant as a conversation. It can feel authentic and exciting. You can be so good at it that people will actually want to pay you. And then they'll tell their friends to spend money with you too!

I've been selling for over 20 years. I actually love it! (Am I weird? Probably, but stick with me here.)

I've figured out the "secret sauce" that makes it both effective and enjoyable. And I want other entrepreneurs to know it too.

You deserve to hit your sales goals without ripping out your hair. You should get to enjoy working your business, without always scrambling to bring in new clients. Being in business should be both profitable AND fun. 

Here are all the ways you can get at my brain:

Want to know more about me? Well, I'm flattered you asked!

When I'm not working you can find my hanging out with my family and dogs in my Upstate, NY. home. I'm usually drinking coffee, dreaming of tacos, and listening to true crime podcasts. I'm also a whistle-blower. No, an actual one. I'm a referee for Albany All Stars Roller Derby. Yes, roller derby is as fun as it looks!

Other things I'm mildly obsessed with include, but are not limited to:

  • Lord of the Rings & Hobbit...nerd alert!
  • Star Trek, namely TNG, because Picard was the best Starfleet Captain
  • Dresses featuring pockets. Every dress should come with pockets. Where else will you put your snacks and lip balm?
  • Interesting knitting patterns
  • Anything with Amy Poehler, especially Leslie Knope GIFs
  • & the human tragedy that is the people of House Hunters...I just do not understand where they find those buyers!
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