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Why You NEED a Customer Experience Plan

Customer experience? What the heck is that? Is that like customer service? Well, yes, and no. It’s service, but it’s more than that. And it can make you more money if you do it right. It can also keep clients away if you do it wrong. Don’t worry though! I absolutely love helping people with their customer experience plans and I’m going to give you tips on creating a great one.

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The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Your Clients

The holidays give us time to reflect on the year, what we are thankful for, and how things panned out over the course of the last eleven to twelve months. Undoubtedly there were some bumps along the way BUT hopefully you had some new and returning clients that made it worth it. So why not celebrate them with a special gift?! Unsure of what to get or how much to spend? I’m sharing with you some easy suggestions for this!

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