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Dealing With Failure

We get so worried about failing. We view it in such a negative way, but there can be a lot of positive things about failure! Instead of being super afraid to fail and avoiding failure at all costs, we can easily reframe it and know that it's something that is inevitable in the world of business and not a bad thing at all. If we look at it in a different way, then it can actually be one of our best assets. I’m going to share some tips with you to help you view failure this way so you can truly grow from it!

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Are You Worthy of Success?

I’ve noticed something troubling with female entrepreneurs, and it’s pretty common. Too common to be a coincidence. The issue: far too many women display the signs of not feeling worth of the success they say they want. I talk about the sneaky signs you’re struggling with feelings of unworthiness in business, and simple ways to boost your self-worth as an entrepreneur.

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