Three Essentials To Sell Smarter


You have likely heard the term “know, like, and trust.”

Let’s talk about why it is the cornerstone for your marketing efforts in order to ultimately get people to want to buy from you.

  • Know

In order for people to do business with you, they have to know that you even exist in the first place. Knowing is the top and widest part of a sales funnel. You are getting yourself visible and letting people know that you are open for business. How you do this is in all of your messaging. Use it to let people know who you are, who you serve, and how you serve them.

Here are some examples of ways to get your name out there and get more visible:

  • Having a consistent podcast

  • Writing consistent blog posts that you’re putting out for your ideal clients to read

  • Being featured on other podcasts or platforms that already exist

  • Creating your own platform like a Facebook group

  • Paid ads

  • Utilizing other forms of social media

  • In-person local networking

  • Speaking engagements

  • Personal connections and referrals

  • Like

The next step after people know you is to nurture them and get them to like you. This is where the funnel starts to narrow.

Some ways you can do things as the business owner to get people to like you are to continue to put out really good content that is relevant to the people that you serve and then keep wooing them with good, engaging, and valuable content.

You can do this by:

  • A good opt-in with a really good nurture sequence

  • More blog posts and free consistent content.

  • More podcast episodes

  • Facebook lives

  • Discovery calls

  • Coffee dates

  • Virtual coffee chats

  • Free trainings or online webinars. (These allow people to see in a slightly more intimate way if they are going to like you and like what you have to say.)

  • Interacting in a group

  • Being a guest expert in other groups

  • Speaking at networking events

  • Just showing up and being consistent so that people can get to like you and know more about you there.

With any of those it’s really about being authentic and consistent and showing who you are. This allows your ideal client to really start to form that relationship with you.

People buy from people they trust and they trust people they like.
— Garrison Wynn
  • Trust

This is the bottom part of the funnel where people are getting ready to actually decide if they are going to spend money with you or not.

People like to buy from people that they trust even if they don’t know them personally. They have to feel like they trust you, they trust what you’re selling, and they trust what you’re about. If you can secure this trust, they’re going to feel really good about it when they click that “buy” button or sign that contract to work with you.

Social proof is huge when it comes to trust! Get testimonials and put them wherever you can. We look to see what others have said before we buy.

Getting someone on that discovery call would build a more intimate level of trust. Depending on what your business looks like, you might have a bunch of bandwith to do a bunch of them and it can be in the like part. However, if you have more of a limited time constraint, you could put it down in the trust part and just offer it to a more select few who have already gotten through your funnel.

People will "fall off" along the way, and that's ok! You and your message aren't for everyone. It’s for your ideal clients!

You want to continue to nurture your warm leads and give good value because it takes different amounts of time for different people to feel comfortable before they spend money with you.

That could be:

  • In your private Facebook group

  • Interacting with them on your Instagram

  • In your email sequences

  • Offering additional free trainings

  • Anything that makes them see what it will be like when they actually pay to work with you.

This will help provide that trust because if they get a sense to what it’s like to work with you for free, then it will be even better when they pay. You have to kind of continue to woo your ideal client.

It’s important to keep nurturing relationships and do it from a sense of larger service, purpose, and real care for the people you serve and not out of impatience and frustration.

If you keep building relationships with your audience and building that trust factor, more people will convert into paying clients.

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