Custom Solutions for Larger Businesses


Let's make sure your staff is on the same page with selling and service!

Whether you own a boutique, cafe, or other business that employs a staff, you need and want everyone on your team selling strong and providing a top-notch customer experience.

Maybe selling comes easily for you, but you worry about properly training others. Without a solid plan in place, training becomes a struggle, and leads to inconsistencies. 

Customers appreciate consistency, and great service will encourage them to keep coming back, and have them referring your business to others. This process can seem daunting if you have to create your own training program.

Don't worry...I've got you covered! 

I'll do an assessment of your business to understand your goals and concerns. I will also assess the business from the viewpoint of a customer. We'll discuss any particular issues or frustrations you are currently experiencing in regard to staff training. 

Then I'll create a custom service and training plan for your staff, and assist with implementation. If you need support with hiring new staff, I can help with that as well. 

This will ensure that everyone on staff has the same understanding and level of expectation when interacting with customers. You won't have to worry about how things are being run in your absence, giving you more peace of mind, and a level of consistency that will translate into a better environment overall. It will also translate into higher sales, more frequent return visits from customers, and more referrals.  

You'll receive complimentary follow-up sessions for up to four months post-implementation. In these sessions you can ask questions and we can make adjustments as necessary. 

These packages are highly customized based on several factors. I'd love to discuss options with you and quote a package and pricing based upon your specific needs. Click here to contact me today.