As we kick off this challenge I want you to keep the following acronym in the back of your mind. This is a simple way to remember what you should be doing in business to be sure that people will come back, and tell their friends. You simply have to remember to A.S.K.------->

Always give top-notch service.
Set a time/method for follow up. 
Keep making people feel special and appreciated. 

The core of strong repeat/referral business is excellent service, following up & inviting back. As we go through this challenge, we will be focusing on the second part of the acronym....Follow Up!
It's my second favorite F-word! ;)

But in all seriousness, it's crucial to business, and sadly a lot of business owners don't do it at all or not frequently enough. You could be leaving money on the table because you aren't reaching back out, and I don't want that!

People are busy! Or at least most people feel busy. We don't want to add more to our To Do lists than we have to. But as business owners we need to add "follow up" to our To Do lists to have stronger businesses.

Because our clients feel busy, we need to be proactive about following up with them. 

Ponder over the following:

-Have you ever wanted to reach back out to a business to ask a question but it just keeps falling to the bottom of your to do list? Wouldn't it have been great if they had just taken that off your plate by reaching back out?

-Have you ever started to run out of a product you bought from someone and instead of reaching out to reorder you went to the store instead? Wouldn't you have absolutely ordered if they had contacted you to ask if you needed refills? 

-As the business owner, have you every said to yourself, "Well if they want to work with me again, I'm sure they'll let me know?" Haven't you ever meant to work with someone again, but just kept forgetting to reach out?

These scenarios are so common! I've experienced all of them and don't want you to make similar mistakes. 

Throughout the five days I'm going to give more tips around follow up, but for now, I want you to jot down answers to the following questions....

{Day 1 Assignment} 

Think of a time where you would've absolutely done repeat business with someone if they would've reached back out to you. 

What businesses do you feel have a great track record of following up with you?