Day 2

When business owners think of follow-up they often think this means they will have to pester people to death. This simply isn't true! If you are doing it right, it will be helpful, not annoying.

Following up shows that you are committed to top-notch service. You don't operate from a place of "take the money and run."

It shows the client you earnestly want their feedback, especially if they aren't totally happy. You take pride in what you do and want to make it right.

It should be thought of as multiple touch points for various purposes. The timeframe you use for follow up, and what you'll be asking, depends on the type of business you run.

Still not convinced? Here are some mind-boggling stats that prove how crucial it is:

"Different studies carried out at different times, in different places, by different market research companies over a number of years all reveal that 80% of non-routine sales occur only after at least five follow-ups.

Think about that. It takes at least five continuous follow-up efforts after the initial sales contact, before a customer says yes. FIVE!

There are some fascinating statistics on this:

  • 44% of sales people give up after one "no";
  • 22% give up after two "nos";
  • 14% give up after three "nos";
  • 12% give up after four "nos".

That tells you that 92% of sales people give up after four "no's", and only 8% of sales people ask for the order a fifth time.

When you consider that 80% of prospects say "no" four times before they say "yes", the inference is that 8% of sales people are getting 80% of the sales."
-More incredible follow-up stats can be found at Marketing Donut

First we need to decide what this framework will look like in terms of when you should make contact and the ways you can connect with your clients. Then we can focus on what the follow up will consist of. 

{Day 2 Assignment} 

Think of a framework for follow up that makes the most sense for your business and clients. What does the timeline look like and what are some ways you can reach out?
Timeline: Immediate, 30 Days, 90 Days
Method: Call, Text, Email

Again, this framework is going to look a bit different for everyone. That's ok! It should.