Day 5

Oh my goodness...it's the last day!! I hope you've been enjoying this challenge and have some confidence and clarity around follow up in your business. 

Here's some great news for you...by keeping your clients happy, by giving them excellent service, by meeting their needs in a genuine, non-pushy way, by keeping communication open, and by inviting them back, you'll already be getting repeat business!

When you have given an amazing experience, and been genuine, people will naturally want to spread the word. 

But what you can also do is ask and assist in the referral process. People enjoy helping people they like. Ask them...do they know anyone who might also like your product/service? Can you create events that make it easy for them to bring friends? Can you do fun things on social media to get the word out? Can you set up a system that rewards people for bringing new business your way?

Word-of-mouth is HUGELY powerful. We no longer think, "I need a chiropractor. Let me simply Google that and see who is closest to me." We go on social media or ask trusted people in our lives for recommendations of who we should see. We want people "raving" about you so you can get that strong repeat and referral business you are craving!

Again, let me prove just how important word-of-mouth is for your biz:

-Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20-50 percent of all purchasing decisions. [McKinsey]
-Customers are 77 percent more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from family and friends. [Nielsen]
-Ninety-two percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth or recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising. [Nielsen]

{Day 5 Assignment} 

Set up a referral program that makes sense for your business. 

How will you incentivize people sharing you with others? Discounts, products, service, contests, something else? 

Can you create fun events that make it easy for people to bring their friends and family right to you?

Most importantly...remember to tell people whatever you choose to come up with! It can feel really weird to ask for more business BUT if someone has loved working with you, they will most likely be happy to spread the word and drive more business your way.