My 4 Step Framework to Making More Money without Complex Systems or Sleazy Sales Tactics

You’ll Learn:

Common selling mistakes that block your cash flow and keep you stuck in "hustle" mode. 

The SECRETS to getting noticed by people who'll be excited to pay you.

Simple strategies for feeling confident around your offer, and asking for the sale.

Online training is Thursday, March 28 at 1pm EST. Replay will be available.


I’m Erika Tebbens and I teach womxn that selling doesn’t have to SUCK!

I’m passionate about helping female and gender expansive entrepreneurs sell smarter, earn more, and create raving fans for their businesses.

I’ve been selling and teaching others best business practices for over 15 years. I’m excited to show you how easy and enjoyable running a successful business can be.

You are worthy of success without the struggle. I’m going to help you show up like a boss, instead of being on the brink of burnout.

Let’s do this…together!