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Whether you're a farming newbie or have several seasons under you belt, you know that sales (or lack thereof) will make your break your farm.

Right now you feel a bit stuck and your "to do" list is growing by the minute. And worrying over money just adds to that stress. 

You need simple solutions, not complex systems. You need results, not gimmicks. You need skills and support.

Imagine leaving your markets with more money and less product destined to become compost.

With more cash, you could pay for farm upgrades, hire staff to lighten your load, and even enjoy a day off!

Imagine serving your customers so well, they'll look forward to shopping with you each week. And they'll rave about you to their friends. You'll begin to wonder why you ever worried about market selling to begin with. 

You won't have to lower your prices or your standards. In fact, implementing my strategies will be easier and more fun than you think!

I'm a Sales Strategist and Customer Experience Expert. I'm a fan of black coffee, "second breakfast," and teaching people that selling doesn't have to suck. 

I'm a Sales Strategist and Customer Experience Expert. I'm a fan of black coffee, "second breakfast," and teaching people that selling doesn't have to suck. 

Hey, I'm Erika!

I've been selling for over 20 years and I love it! Sounds really weird right? I've just learned over the years to sell in a way that feels easy and relaxed. 

This doesn't mean I haven't made mistakes along the way. I certainly have! I've learned from them and I want to save you from making them too. 

But why do I actually care if businesses are making any money? Well, that's simple. I believe in the power of passionate entrepreneurs. I believe small businesses are the backbone of our world and can have positive impacts on both the people who run them, and on the communities they serve. 

It might sound a little "pie in the sky" but I believe a "rising tide lifts all ships." Us business owners are in this together. You started your business because you believe in what you can offer the world, and you want to forge your own path and set your own rules. 

And I like being the person that makes the path clearer for you, so you can thrive instead of just survive in business. 

Let's do this...together!

Download your free "Sell More at Market" Guide

Download the full PDF guide on how to sell more at market. This includes all of the info from the webinar and more. 

This is my gift to you and I hope it serves you well. If you are going to create your own market selling plan, it's a strong jumping off point. 

Laser Consulting Session- $147 (usually $197)

You're going to get actionable steps to some of your biggest selling frustrations in just 60 minutes! This one-on-one session gets right to the struggle at hand so we can tackle it. I know you are very busy. You just want a simple plan to follow, that you didn't have to spend hours coming up with yourself. Let me use my knowledge and experience to create that plan for you. 

You'll get a Zoom chat with me where we analyze where you're at and where you want to be. You'll get a copy of the chat and a simple emailed plan you can implement right away.

These discounted spots are limited and will sell out. Be sure to secure your spot now and save $50!

What Michael says about me...

"Before working with Erika, I was stressed out and dropping the ball in the marketing and sales side of our business. We were struggling to keep our retail outlets staffed and customers happy." 

"Erika came in and gave us a plan to execute, interviewed, hired, and trained staff, and helped us develop an employee sales manual. This immediately reduced our stress level and enabled us to focus on building our business. In addition, Erika helped us streamline our storefronts, implemented better display techniques, and helped us focus on what items were selling. This translated into some of our retail outlets doubling their sales and our profit margin going up!"

"Erika gave us a solid foundation for our marketing and retail division. Working with her has always been a joy, and we have developed a great friendship. She has a great way of coaching you that gives you a clear picture of what needs to change for your business to grow and you to get your life back!"

Michael Kilpatrick, In the Field Consultants

Worried you won't have time to actually sit down and make your market plan? Let me do it for you!

Not every farm is the same, which is why I love customized plans. Instead of a one-size-fits-all guide, you'll get targeted solutions. Be sure to download my guide as a reference tool, but let me help create the plan for you. 

Remember, I only have a limited number of Laser Consulting spots open at the reduced price. By snagging one of these spots, you'll save $50 AND get action steps specific for YOUR farm and markets. This is the perfect solution if you are already drowning in your "to do" list.