The freedom of being an entrepreneur is amazing, but the revenue struggle is real!

It doesn't have to be though.

You started your business because you’re driven and had something to offer the world. 

You’re passionate about what you do, and you have big dreams and goals.

But you also need to bring in money to make this work. I get it! 

  • You feel pulled in a hundred directions in your business every day wondering where you should actually be spending your time. And most of the people in your life don’t understand what you’re doing, so you can’t even ask them for advice.

  • You’re great at what you do and are always improving your craft, but things like pricing & marketing are filling you with doubt. It’s making you worry you might not have the skills to run a successful business after all.

  • When you finally get a chance to actually talk to your ideal clients, having those sales conversations make you cringe & you feel like you’re squandering all your hard work! You feel like there must be some secret formula to it all, but WTF is it?!?

That's where I come in! 

When we work together I give you the structure & support you need to bring in the revenue you want...without making you feel like a sleazy salesperson or adding a trillion hours to your work week!

I have options for every Lady Boss, whether you are newer to the world of entrepreneurship or ready to take your business to new heights. All of the options to learn from me are listed below.

Curious about which option is best for you? Have some questions? Ready to work together?

Because you want to thrive, instead of just survive in your business! 


"Erika helped me create a pricing structure that not only increased the overall sales of my launch by $7,200, but also put my new clients at ease.

There is no way I could have gotten there without Erika’s intuitive coaching. I was able to find peace with my pricing, launch strategy, and payment structure through working with her.

Working with Erika was a win for everyone!"

-Melissa Ronda, The Honest Weigh


Working with Erika has been critical to my success. We created a definition of success that makes perfect sense for my life and my business, and outlined a clear path to get there.

She taught me how to take small action steps that lead to big results. Erika was able to break down the big tasks I needed to accomplish and show me how to get them done step by step. I absolutely love working with her!

-Jillian Ehrenberg, Petal + Hive

Why Erika Tebbens Consulting? 

I've been selling and training others to sell for 15 years. I love selling and believe that nearly anyone can be good at sales. You just have to learn how to do it in a way that feels right for you. If you want to sound like someone from an informercial or a used car lot, well...I'm not your gal. 

But if you want to meet, or exceed, your sales goals in a way that feels fun and relational, then we need to chat! 

When you learn how to sell with ease, not only will your clients be excited to spend money with you, but they'll want to come back and bring their friends. 

I also have a knack for strategizing different ways to bring in more money to your business without the overwhelm. When you are looking at your business from the inside, it's easy to have blind spots. I shine a light on them to help you uncover the extra money that's just waiting for you! And you get to bring in this revenue while serving more people, and serving them better

There are no gimmicks or complex systems to put in place. I promise. I'm all about authenticity and building genuine relationships. I never make my clients implement plans at odds with their personalities and values.

Whether you need a little bit of support or a full plan with accountability, I'm here for you. 

Let's do this...together. 



Are you a business owner with employees?

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