Ep. 003: Why Raving Fans are Crucial for your Business


My motto for my business is: “Sell smarter, earn more, create raving fans.”

There’s a reason I prioritize getting raving fans for my business, and it’s not just because I’m a “words of affirmation” person.

It’s costs so much less to keep an existing client who will rave about you to others, than it is to bring in new ones. In addition to research data that backs that up, there’s additional data that shows just how powerful word-of-mouth advertising is for businesses.

Plus, when you have people coming to you ready to spend their money with you, it feels wonderful! And it means you aren’t spending so much time hustling to find cold leads and turn them warm.

Tune in to this episode to hear all the stats on why they are so important to your business, and learn simple things you can do to create raving fans for your brand.


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Erika Tebbens