Ep. 009: Being OUT as a Business Owner


Because I preach a lot about showing up as yourself in business to attract clients that you’ll love working with, I’m going to practice what I preach.

I get pretty vulnerable in this episode (it took everything in me to not go back and re-record this one!), but I think it’s important for people to know who I really am, and how that informs my work.

I also know that visibility is powerful. There are probably many people in my audience who are in a similar situation but are fearful of being “out” as well, or perhaps they just have mixed feelings on it.

While I firmly believe that we are all on our own timeline, and we all have different lives that might make it more challenging to expose certain sides of ourselves, I also know that being vulnerable gives others the courage to be vulnerable too.

Although I’ve always had a lot of queer friends, and straight friends that are open-minded, it took the courage of a new-to-me-friend coming out in order for me to publicly come out in 2018. Courage is contagious!

At the end of the day I only want clients who are jazzed about working with me, and that starts with them knowing who I truly am.


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Erika Tebbens