Ep. 010: Your Friends Don't Owe You Business Support


When you start a business it’s easy to assume that because you love what you’re selling, that everyone in your life will love it too!

Depending on what it is, some might be thrilled to pay you for it. But the reality is that your friends and family might not be your ideal clients. They might not be the right audience for what you’re offering.

And even if they are, they might have their own personal reasons for not wanting to shop with you.

I realize this can sting! But when I shifted businesses, I suddenly was selling something that was not a great fit for most of my friends. While they had spent money with me in my previous business, that wouldn’t make sense now.

I had to start expanding my mind to accept that while they did want to see me succeed, I could never expect them to become clients.

The sooner we can change our mindset around where and how to get clients, the better off we will be. Especially in the long run! And if it happens that friends or family do become clients, all the better!

But it shouldn’t be something we automatically assume as business owners.


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Erika Tebbens