Ep. 012: How to Make Your Business More LGBTQ+ Inclusive w/ Mason Aid


“We put our money where our hearts are.” - Mason Aid, Educator & Speaker

The LGBTQ+ community has over a trillion dollars in buying power, and will rely on word-of-mouth and brand perception for many of their spending decisions. It's not enough to slap a rainbow on your site during Pride month to show that you are a welcoming business. 

Guest expert Mason Aid shares some simple and specific ways that you can show potential clients you're inclusive of members in the LGBTQ+ community. 

Worried about "getting it wrong?" We cover ways that some brands get it wrong, and what to do when you slip up. 

Regardless of missed revenue opportunity, I hope this episode inspires and encourages you to be intentional about how your business can be more inclusive overall. 


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Erika Tebbens