-Kendra Hennessy, Mother Like a Boss


Working with Erika is a true delight. She has clear, smart ideas about selling without being creepy, that you can implement immediately and begin to see results from right away. Erika has a deep understanding of people and what drives our decision making so that she can help you, as the seller, see what works best for you, all while keeping the product and customer in mind. Erika will help you work with your strengths and identify areas where you can improve so that you can see immediate outcomes. When I really want to be focused in my efforts and in implementing changes, Erika is the person I look to for guidance.

-Kristin Brenner, Integrity Mind Body Yoga


Erika is my sales secret weapon! Her wide range of experiences and positive spin on marketing has built up and expanded both my own confidence and the confidence of my clients. Having her as a part of our team training was such a valuable addition to what we offer. Thank you!

-Beryl Young, Recapture Self


Before working with Erika, I was stressed out and dropping the ball in the marketing and sales side of our business. We were struggling to keep our retail outlets staffed and customers happy. 

Erika came in and gave us a plan to execute, interviewed, hired, and trained staff, and helped us develop an employee sales manual. This immediately reduced our stress level and enabled us to focus on building our business. In addition, Erika helped us streamline our storefronts, implemented better display techniques, and helped us focus on what items were selling.  This translated into some of our retail outlets doubling their sales and our profit margin going up!

Erika gave us a solid foundation for our marketing and retail division. Working with her has always been a joy, and we have developed a great friendship. She has a great way of coaching you that gives you a clear picture of what needs to change for your business to grow and you to get your life back!

-Michael Kilpatrick, In the Field Consultants

Working with Erika has been critical to my success. I knew she would be able to help me get clarity about the direction of my business. We created a definition of success that makes perfect sense for my life and my business, and outlined a clear path to get there. Setting business goals with Erika is so much fun! She taught me how to take small action steps that lead to big results. Erika was able to break down the big tasks I needed to accomplish and show me how to get them done step by step. I absolutely love working with her.

-Jillian Ehrenberg, Petal + Hive


It’s a pretty cool feeling when a friend becomes a mentor. I’ve known Erika for about eight years now and been inspired by her for pretty much that entire time. Watching her launch her business was thrilling, and when I decided that the time was right to explore becoming a wardrobe consultant, I knew right away that a laser consulting session with her would help me develop the shape of my idea.

Erika and I met through Zoom online, she was prompt and ready to go with practical ideas already lined up. We did some brainstorming together as well, and I took three pages of notes. In the hour we spent talking, we managed to address some mindset issues, a lot of practical ones, and come up with a plan that I could implement starting immediately to begin working toward my goal.

After our session ended, she emailed me her notes from our meeting, which were substantial, and included more great thoughts and ideas that had come to her afterward as well. It’s been awesome to have that to refer back to to refresh my memory and inspire me all over again when needed. She’s also followed up personally several times to see how things were going and offer continued support.

Erika has terrific energy, it’s both invigorating and grounding. Her support offers a great blend of the inspirational “ideas” side of things and practical, actionable items as well. I’d recommend her to anyone who feels like they need a jump start on a specific project, or in their business in general. She is so approachable and easy to talk to that she will make you feel comfortable immediately, and you may just find that your mentor becomes a friend.

-Mary Pat Provost, Mimosas and Pockets Boutique


Since I don't have a brick & mortar storefront, I didn't even know how much I could add to my customer experience...until I talked to Erika. I learned easy ways to improve every interaction with my design clients to turn them into raving fans & referral machines. No matter what kind of business you run, Erika can help you make your customers happier!

-Meg Casebolt, Megabolt Digital


I cannot say enough good things about working with Erika! 

I was dealing with mindset issues around pricing. I knew I provided tons of value, but I wasn’t sure people would be willing to pay for it. After a one hour coaching session with Erika we came up with a number that scared the hell out of me, but guess what…..I launched the program and signed 14 new clients at that previously scary price. 

Erika helped me create a pricing structure that not only increased the overall sales of my launch by $7,200, but also put my new clients at ease.

There is no way I could have gotten there without Erika’s intuitive coaching. I was able to find peace with my pricing, launch strategy, and payment structure through working with Erika.

Working with Erika was a win for everyone!"

-Melissa Ronda, The Honest Weigh

Working with Erika is like chatting with a friend, only it helps me get things done! Honestly, when we started our session, I almost forgot we were working, but then I had all the tools I needed to get my website up and running. 

Her Sell It, Sister! course was similar. In the 6 months since taking Erika’s course, my sales have increased more than 50% over the same period last year. 

Erika’s course played a major part in that shift. Even better ... I’ve also worked fewer hours while achieving this growth!

I would absolutely recommend Erika's classes and services to anyone started out, or ready to take her business to the next level!

-Kris Nusskern, Adirondack Usborne


“I love your knowledge and experience with sales so anything you say I want to absorb! I struggle most with prioritizing my tasks so talking them through with you and coming up with a plan of action was so helpful for me.

You motivated to commit to my in-person Vision Board workshop because I was on the fence about it (aka fear of no one showing up) and helped me to find the courage to individually email people so I could help me with their goals.

I ended up creating a course on Podia (via your suggestion) that helped me SO MUCH and gave me the confidence to sell my course!

-Carly Hamilton-Jones, Carly Hamilton-Jones Coaching