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Do you love your business… but asking for money makes you want to break into full body hives?

Does your head spin when you hear gurus talking about email lists, social media strategy, and sales funnels?

Does it feel like your goals are on the other side of doing all of the marketing tactics that make you cringe?

Are you fed up A.F. spending so much time and energy on your business week after week without enough revenue to show for it?

If you said, “YES!” you’re in the right place!

You started your business because you wanted more freedom. But now you feel trapped in never-ending hustle.

You're posting to all the social, stressing about your email list (what am I even supposed to do with it?), feeling like everyone but you is succeeding, and you’re not sure where to get real help.

You wish you could snap your fingers to get more clients ... but even if you were surrounded by them, would you have the confidence to sell to them?

This is NOT what you signed up for as an entrepreneur.


And suddenly you feel like you’re living a secret, double-life.

There’s the you posting upbeat inspirational quotes on Instagram; talking about how much you love your business.

And the you who’s silently drowning in doubt, fear, and insecurity.

There’s the you who has total heart-eyes for your biz and wants to keep doing what you do best. You want to pay your bills, and then some, while also serving clients that make you giddy to get to work.

But the other you has spent so many late nights with tears in your eyes, and a pit in your stomach, as you read through the “Free Guide to XYZ” you just downloaded from some rando on the Internet.

As you skim it you feel the cold creep of imposter syndrome & not-good-enoughness because it’s making you feel like the biggest idiot on the planet.

Which is weird because you never thought you weren’t capable, but running your business is making you question it.

  • “I was supposed to create an email list this whole time?! Does everyone else know this?!

  • “I’m spending way too much time obsessing over my Instagram, but I have no effing clue how this is supposed to bring me more money. Is it even possible, or are people lying?!

  • “I can’t make the money I want until I get the perfect website. And I’m never going to get a perfect website if I can’t make enough money! F*#¢K!!!

 Here’s the real deal Sister:

You have what it takes to succeed!

Your business kicks ass & people want what you’ve got.

It just doesn’t have to be this hard!

Will it take consistency? Yep.

Will it mean getting over your fear of being visible? Sure!

Will your business make you grow and evolve in ways you didn’t know you could? Absolutely.

But it will not require 80 hour weeks, giving up everything you love, or spamming people.

If some dude doing push-ups on his patio wants to sell you some “six-figure system” he’s allowed to. But that doesn’t mean you need to buy it.

And if some gorgeous woman with the shiniest hair you’ve ever seen tells you to focus on a social media platform you don’t care about, you can keep scrolling.

This is your permission to go your own way, but you’ve got to grasp the essential rules of business first!

Spoiler: Lots of small businesses made plenty of money before Al Gore invented the Internet* & Zuck created Facebook.  (*HA! Jokes!)


 They did it with tried and true business fundamentals that are essential to long-term success.

  • These fundamentals aren’t as sexy as a beautifully branded website, but they work.

  • They aren’t as slick as ad strategy, but they are much more simple.

  • And they aren’t as jazzy as some fancy pants, 20-part sales funnel, but you don’t need that right now!

What you need is so basic, so un-hip, that it usually gets skipped.


It’s kinda like the nerdy kid in a John Hughes movie that the other kids ignore, but goes on to snag the six-figure salary right out of college.

Right now you don’t need “shiny objects” like Instagram courses, a professionally designed website, or a massive email list.

You need the tools and knowledge that have always mattered in the world of being a profitable entrepreneur.

Because even when we’ve all got microchips in our skulls and make purchases by blinking twice, these things will still matter when it comes to selling.

I’ve assembled them together in a self-paced program that cuts through the B.S. and gives you the solid structure you absolutely need for your business to succeed.

SiS_computer (1).png

Sell it Sister! is the only course of its kind designed to ensure long-term, sustainable business growth, instead of constant confusion, tail-chasing, and exhaustion.

With Sell It, Sister! you can finally figure out how to have a burnout-free business that pays you like a CEO, instead of an employee.

And it’s the only business course for both the person who sells cat pajamas AND the person who teaches cat enthusiasts how to make their own pajamas, because it doesn’t matter if you sell a product or a service, these fundamentals never go out of style.

Erika Tebbens Event-25.jpg

Hey, I'm Erika! a.k.a.: the Leslie Knope of teaching womxn how to sell without the sleaze.

I’m officially, stick-a-fork-in-me, DONE with bro-marketing culture & sketchy MLMs that shine a bad light on selling!

I got frustrated seeing others struggle with selling, or using really icky tactics that don’t even work, because I’ve been running successful businesses without that crap for over 15 years.

So I decided to do something about it, and teach womxn just like YOU my methods.

But why do I care if your business is making money? That's simple. I want womxn to make the money they desire! When we have money we can do amazing things for ourselves, our families, and communities. It’s powerful!

But the road of running your own business can be scary and confusing! I like being the person that makes the path clearer for you, so you can thrive instead of just survive in business.

Let's do this...together!


I’m going to help you clear the cobwebs of marketing confusion, and conquer this sh*t once and for all.

You’ll finally feel in control, because you’ll know what you should be doing and why!

And you won’t waste anymore time:

  • Fretting over that “perfect” social media caption.

  • Staring at a blank email template, stressing over what to send to your list.

  • Tripping over your own words when speaking to potential clients.

  • Downloading freebie after freebie because you’re not sure what to focus on.


50% increase in revenue & more time for her family!

"In the 6 months since taking Erika’s course, my sales have increased more than 50% over the same period last year.

Erika’s course played a major part in that shift. Even better ... I’ve also worked fewer hours while achieving this growth!”

-Kris N., Adirondack Usborne, Direct Sales/books & educational materials


High-value training, without the “fluff.”

“What I love the most about Erika is that she's a master at synthesizing everything you need to know into a simple step-by-step process, and then getting rid of all the rest.

She delivers high value with high integrity in a refreshing no-fluff way that I so appreciate!”

-Aime M., Branding Strategist

Instead you’ll find yourself:

  • Attracting the coolest people who can’t wait to pay you.

  • Knowing you aren’t an imposter, and why you’re actually perfect for your people.

  • Confident in promoting your offers and asking for the sale without hesitation or apology.

  • Having a clear, workable plan that honors who you are at your core.


Almost $2 million sold in her first year in real estate!

“Real estate is incredibly competitive and can be challenging to succeed at in your first year. But after working with Erika shortly after I became a Realtor I closed on 6 properties, totaling $1.2 million.

I’m due to close on 4 more properties this year, bringing my year-to-date sales up to $1.9 million!”

-Kaitlyn D., Realtor


30% increase in orders after the course!

“I highly recommend this course to start-ups, as well as business owners trying to improve their practices.

My product orders increased by 30% after I took Erika’s course!”

-Amanda B., Feathered Fox Farm, Soapmaker & Beekeeper

   Sell It, Sister! gives you the simple strategies to close more sales without gimmicks, compromising your values, or having to be pushy.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Get Noticed: People can’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist!

  • Give Value: Clients will be excited to pay you when they see how valuable you are to them!

  • Make Sales: We all want more revenue, but don’t want to be "that lady.” Guess what…you can bring in more cash without having to be pushy or sleazy!

  • Work Smarter: Doing #allthethings will actually hurt your business, not help it!

Having a business should be enjoyable. Working around the clock for low revenue is the pits!

This course will help you learn how to make more money in less time.


In Sell it, Sister! you’re going to conquer the following fundamentals in less time than it takes to binge the newest Netflix show.


Get super clear on who you serve, how you serve them, and why you’re different from the competition. When you’re speaking to the right people, and they feel super connected to your brand, you’ll automatically close more sales with ease.


People happily spend money with brands they trust. Build your “know, like, and trust” factor by getting clear on the value you offer and learn to magnetize your ideal clients to you with your content.


Guess what? Selling is simple and fun when you have the right mindset in place and know the foundations of a great sales conversation. By the time you even get to the conversation you’ll be so clear on your business, and how you serve others, that you’ll have no issue asking for the sale.


Every strong business needs a vision so you can strategize with intention. You’ll learn where you really kick ass in your biz, and where you don’t. You’ll make a perfect-for-you plan to start offloading the un-fun parts of your business when the time is right. All highly-successful entrepreneurs realize it’s more important to leverage the strengths of others than juggling everything. We aren’t meant to “do-it-all.” Full stop.

Your low revenue cycle can be fixed!

  • How much revenue are you missing out on by not having a solid business framework or sales confidence?

  • How much time will you keep wasting trying tactics that aren’t right for your business?

  • How long until you reach burnout by researching everything on your own?

The fact is that you don’t know what you don’t know. This is why you’ve been spinning your wheels.

There’s no shame in not knowing! But there’s power in investing in the tools & knowledge that are crucial to long-term success!

Your business, and mental health, are too important to keep going the way you have been.


Better sales conversations and 30% more sales!

“I now feel so much more comfortable chatting with customers as I introduce them to my brand and while I help them make their purchase.

Since I’m more comfortable with sales conversations, I’m bringing in 30% more revenue than I was before I worked with you!”

-Jillian E., Petal+Hive, Handcrafted Herbal Skincare


Confidence around charging her worth and running a business!

“This course gave me a great foundational understanding and clarity about my business.

Now when someone asks me how much a private session costs, I can say it with confidence, and knowing that what I do is important and invaluable.

This course is well worth the cost!

-Kristin B., Integrity Mind Body Yoga, Yoga Therapist

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When you enroll in Sell it, Sister! you’ll get:

  • Four weeks of impactful sales and marketing training. Each module can be completed in just an hour a week!

  • Easy-to-complete lessons for all learning styles. Each training has a written and video component, plus worksheets to write your new plan & take notes.

  • A private Facebook community of people just like you! Having a strong support network is crucial in business.

  • My mini-training on getting more repeat and referral business. You’re going to be making more sales, so let’s make sure you can leverage them!

  • Lifetime access to the course, plus ALL future upgrades and bonuses are FREE! This means as long as this course exists, you never have to pay more when the price goes up or I add more to it.

Plus all these BONUSES!!

  • Access to my powerful course on sales conversations: Conversations that Convert. You'll learn what to say and how to say it to confidently close more sales, without feeling pushy! {$197 Value}

  • My one-hour training on crafting the right message to get more perfect-fit, paying clients. With “Master Your Message” you’ll understand what to say to “call in” the people who want to pay you! {$97 Value}

  • My one-hour training on creating a 30 day content plan to build trust & grow your audience. With “Content Queen” you won’t spend hours and hours each week creating client-attracting content. Instead I’m going to show you how to keep it simple to save you time, and maximize your impact. {$97 Value}

  • Graphics training! I show you my easy, step-by-step method for making beautiful, branded graphics for your website and social media. {$97 Value}

  • Training video on conquering self-sabotage in your business, with Valerie Friedlander of The Unlimited Mom. {$127 Value}

  • Bonus Q & A training videos, and access to me in our private group. You'll get total clarity around the lessons so you can take action right away! {Value: massive if you utilize it!}

That's well over $1400 of value for just $649! 

or 3 monthly payments of $222!

Who is Sell it, Sister! for?

This course is perfect if you:

  • Want to be making consistent profits you feel proud of, instead of what feels like “mani/pedi” money.

  • Know you’re really good at what you do, but you feel like you’re missing pages in your “savvy business owner” guidebook.

  • You’re committed to your business and it’s growth. You’re in it for the long-game, and want to really understand the guts of a profitable, and enjoyable, business.

This probably isn’t a good fit if:

  • You want some “get rich quick” scheme instead of a business that serves others ethically.

  • You aren’t consistently working your business and don’t plan to anytime soon.

  • You’re more interested in vanity metrics such as “followers” and “likes,” or you want a business that runs completely on autopilot so you never have to speak to another human.



-How long does it take to go through the course?

Sell It, Sister! is for super busy entrepreneurs just like YOU! I know you're juggling a full calendar, so I made sure you can get high-value content in about 4-6 hours. It won’t take you months to complete!

-Will this course just tell me to pitch to my family and friends?

Sell It, Sister! is all about showing you how to convey your awesomeness to the people who want to give you money! Truthfully, those people might not be people you already know. Instead of spamming your loved ones, you'll learn how to get clear on the value you offer your ideal clients, and the best way to speak to them.  

-What if I have questions about a module?

Sell It, Sister! is more than just good training…you also get support! I've included the private, Facebook group as a place to ask questions so you can get unstuck fast. Plus, you can always reach out to me.

-Is this course for product-based or service-based businesses?

Sell It, Sister! is teaches the fundamental concepts that make selling easier and more fun, regardless of your business. These are skills and concepts most entrepreneurs haven't really thought about, but are so crucial. Once you learn them, you'll have more clarity around why you do what you do, and who you should sell to. 

-Can you give me the exact layout of each module?

No, I cannot. That info is strictly for my students. However, what I can tell you is if you take the course and do the work, it will be beneficial to you. Often we don't invest in ourselves because deep-down we are worried we don't have what it takes. I'm here to tell you that what I'm teaching works, and you have what it takes! My students have raved about this course. Honestly, If I didn't think it was valuable, I wouldn't even offer it. If you can trust that you and your business are capable and worthy of this investment, then I know you'll be glad you enrolled! 

-Do you allow refunds?

If for any reason you change your mind about your purchase, you can get a full refund within 7 calendar days from the date you purchased the course. While I don’t think you’ll want the refund, if you do, you must email me ( within those 7 days so that I can process your request.

If you still have questions, or aren't sure this is right for you, email me at, or message me on Facebook ASAP! I want to be sure you feel good about joining Sell It! Sister! 

Join right now and start selling smarter THIS WEEK!