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Welcome to Week 4...

Confident Conversations

Here's where the rubber hits the road as they say. This is what we've been building up to. It may have seemed like a long time coming, but the reality is the more clear you can get on what you "bring to the table" and who you would love to work with (and who'd love to work with you!) the more confident you can be when pitching what you're offering. 

The key to the sales conversation is you want it to feel like coffee with a friend and not a hard pitch. 

The problem is we usually lead with the bottom of the Value Pyramid, we get super fixated on if they will say "yes," and we forget to sit back and listen. There's definitely a better way that also feels less stressful too...

Things to consider for sales conversations:

  • Make the intention to have a meaningful conversation, not to close a deal. Your goal is to help them solve a problem, not get paid. (Getting paid is a result, not the goal.)

  • Focus the conversation on the other person and their problem.

  • Make sure to ask the right questions and then sit back and listen.

  • Present solutions to their problem(s).

  • Make the ask. This is the next step in furthering the relationship. Do you need another meeting? Are they purchasing today? Are you setting a date for future business?

My Sales Conversations might look like:

  • A warm welcome with some friendly conversation. I want to know about their business, but also about them.

  • Me asking questions and taking notes. What are they struggling with right now? What are their goals? Where would they like to be? What has worked? What hasn't worked? As they give me answers it leads me down various paths, so I don't have every question pre-planned, but I do have a general overview.

  • Once I've done my fact finding I can let them know what I think will be the best course of action moving forward. Sometimes this means a full or partial referral out to a different business entirely.

  • Then I tell them the costs and terms. I ask if they'd like to get started working together and I asses their reaction/response.

  • No matter what...I wrap up in a positive way and schedule a time to follow up.


  • There's no worksheet for this module. Consider how your sales conversations have been, and make notes for yourself of how you can use this framework going forward. Don't let your Inner Critic flare up here! She's mean and wants to tell you that you've been doing it all wrong and should just quit. But she's a scared liar. You are fine. :)

  • If you feel like you need actual words or a more done-for-you custom outline, that's what my Laser Consulting Sessions are perfect for. I actually love doing this with people and have some great testimonials if you are interested. Simply shoot me an email ( to book this service. 

***Bonus tip!***

Think of times where a sale felt like it went really well. Journal everything about it and see if you notice any pattern or anything else interesting. Were you more relaxed because it was someone you already knew? Or maybe you were more relaxed because it was someone you didn't have personal history with, so it didn't feel as weird to ask for money. Our brains love to focus on the "stuff we get wrong" rather than look at what we do right! It's important to recognize when we do get it right too!

And if you think money mindset is really holding you back (you aren't alone!) definitely reach out. This is something I've worked heavily on both personally and professionally and would love to get you unstuck. 

Additional Resource: I love this TED Talk by Amy Cuddy. It's all about body language and "power poses." It may seem silly but even if you can do a quick power pose before a sales conversation, it will help give you confidence. 

Overcoming Objections

The most dreaded two-letter word in the English language: NO! 

Seriously the fear of this word leaves you stuck and frustrated. We attach so much emotion and meaning to this teeny tiny little word. But the reality is that "no" doesn't mean that person hates your guts and is going to tell everyone to avoid you like the plague. "No" can actually mean a lot of things...

  • I don't have enough information.

  • I'm uncertain if this will actually solve my problem.

  • I can't/don't want to spend this level of money.

  • I don't believe in myself enough to make this work for me.

  • I worry I won't have the time to invest.

  • I've invested in things like this before and had lackluster results. I don't want to make the same mistake again.

Do you see how none of those have anything to do with you personally? 

Also, "not now" doesn't mean "not ever." That's super important. You need to put them on a schedule to follow-up, and then be sure to follow up. By checking in you let them know you'd still love to help them, and you might catch them at a time where they are ready to buy. 

Things to consider when it comes to objections:

  • Restate their problem back to them. Example: "Just so I'm clear, you'd like to see fewer lines and wrinkles, but also want to use safe skincare products, correct?" This shows them that you DO understand their problem, and it leads you to the next step.

  • Check to see if they still had some question or concern. Example: "Is there anything about the anti-aging skincare line that you still had questions or concerns about? I like to be sure that all my customers feel great with their purchase."

  • Listen to their concerns and use the 3 F System: Feel, Felt, Found Example: (Customer is concerned about the price.) I know how you feel. I felt incredibly skeptical when I first started using it too. I found that the quality of these products is so high that I only need a small amount, and they last twice as long as what I was previously using. But I'm going to be checking in with you, and if there's ever anything you don't like, I'll easily get you refunded." This shows that you can empathize with them and their concerns are valid.

  • Calmly and confidently address any other concerns. If you don't have the info for them, let them know you'll get it.

  • No matter what, end the conversation on a positive note. Let them know you'll still be following up with them. And you can even see if they have someone they can refer to you who might be interested.


  • There's no worksheet for this lesson but think about some of the times you didn't make a purchase. What was the reason why? Chances are, it wasn't personal. 

  • Think about what the person could have done to possibly sway you to say "yes."

***Bonus tip!***

Make going for "no" a game. Instead of trying to get a yes, flip it around and aim for no. I don't mean you should intentionally try to have bad sales conversations, I just mean remove the emotion that's usually attached to the outcome. Just have fun with the conversation, focus on the other person, make the ask and see what they say. When you take the stigma off of "yes" or "no" it makes the whole thing easier. You can even make a tracking sheet and celebrate yourself every time you get 10 no's. 

Additional Resource: This is a short video about "going for NO!" Hopefully it will inspire you when it comes to objections. 

Onward & Upward Sister!

Oh my goodness...we have reached the end!

This last bit is a bonus section all about connection and action.

So here's the thing with courses sometimes...

You do all of the learning but then hesitate to take action. Now this might not pertain to you, but it's common. If you're still feeling hesitant, you aren't alone. Honestly taking action can feel really scary. It's easy to stay in the "learning bubble" because there's no fear of rejection there. There's no vulnerability, but there's also no room for further growth and exploration. 

That's why I included these two important worksheets for you. They will set you up for the next steps to help you and your business. They are meant to give you some quick wins and leverage the people already in your life to help you feel good about where you're at and where you're going. 

If you want more personalized help with your business, I'd love to assist you. Simply send me a message at and we can set up a time to chat and find out how we could continue working together. 


-----> Use Pages 7 & 8 in the worksheets. Download them here.

Kudos to you for investing in yourself and your business!

With love and high fives, Erika