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The Success Squad is an exclusive, sales-focused, three-month program where you get personalized business strategy & a private, online community of highly-motivated female entrepreneurs.

If you are…

  • Struggling to bring in more revenue without feeling sleazy or pushy…

  • Confused about what you should actually be focusing on each week…

  • Overwhelmed with all of the ways to market your business…

  • Wishing you had more people in your life who understood your unique business struggles…

Then I’m about to rock your entrepreneurial socks!


What if you had a clear growth-plan in place so you knew what to focus on each week in your business?


What if you could learn effective marketing strategy that doesn’t feel confusing or go against your core values?


What if you could sell confidently without feeling like you’re constantly hustling to make money?


What if you had a community of women who made you feel seen, heard, and supported?

You CAN! That’s how we roll in the Success Squad!

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One of the best, and fastest, ways to regain control of your business, and reach your goals, is to get expert help.

We aren’t meant to do it all alone, nor should we!

Not all help is created equal though, and no matter how skilled you are at what you do, you have to sell it in a way that works for YOU!

That’s why you need the Success Squad!

The Success Squad is an exclusive, three-month mastermind program that equips ambitious women with effective sales strategy in a supportive community, so they can grow their revenue right now without gimmicks or hustle.

  • It’s a space to create exciting goals for your business, and receive both the practical strategy and community support to work toward them in a big way.

  • It’s a way to start building sustainable momentum with an expert by your side. Erika will keep you focused and accountable, while also cheering you on.

  • It’s an opportunity to let your guard down and network with your peers. You’ll realize you aren’t alone in your frustrations, and that you can lend your own knowledge and experience to helping others too!

And the best part??

You’re going to learn how to market your business and sell in a way that doesn’t make you cringe!

If this sounds great, here’s what to do next:

  1. Click the yellow button below to book a 15 minute chat with Erika.

  2. On the call, we’ll see if Success Squad is a good fit for you and your business.

  3. If it is, you’ll be invoiced for the first month, and you’ll be warmly welcomed into the Squad and on your way to getting the best business strategy for YOU!

Get over $7,000 worth of strategy and support for only 3 payments of $427.

Consistent business growth doesn’t happen on accident.

Don’t let your business stagnate, or even backslide, this next quarter.

Instead, give yourself the fast-track to the burnout-free business of your dreams.


More than doubled her sales, grew her IG presence by 20% & gained the confidence to show up bigger and get noticed!

“My goals for Q4 were to develop connections, gain confidence, and maintain a flexible lifestyle for my family and growth (personally and professionally).

The Success Squad helped provide accountability, encouragement, and the community that I had been missing all year.

Having people that I could bounce ideas off of, get insight on business tools, and connect with on a weekly, and often daily basis, was extremely beneficial.

Thank you Erika for being an incredible mentor and now friend! I owe so much of this growth to you!

-Christy Roushey, The House of Roushey


$1,000 in sales in just 4 days while hanging out at home!

"Working with Erika in the Success Squad has been a fantastic experience for my business. Having only been in business for 6 months, I’m still working to establish goals and processes that work well. Erika has been able to help me break down my goals into smaller, actionable steps.

I look forward to the Success Squad team calls — even though our businesses are diverse, it’s amazing to discover the strategies that are common to all of us."

-Amanda Guarniere, The Resume Rx


Raised her prices without the guilt & no longer feels scared about selling!

“I started working with Erika because she said she could make sales not feel so yucky and man did she deliver! Not only do I not feel gross about marketing and selling my services, but she helped me to see the true value of what I do for others. When it came time to raise my prices this time I got to skip the hemming and hawing and uncertainty about whether or not I would scare clients off. I learned I was just charging my worth and my clients WANT to pay me for that. 

On top of all of that, Erika helped me focus and refine my course while keeping me accountable and on track so it will ready for launch much sooner than I thought possible. 

My fourth quarter was a huge success and I’m so excited to feel like I’ve been ramping up for big moves next year. I know I can make things happen with Erika in my corner. 

Seriously... hire her. You won’t regret it.” 

-Katie Painter, The Katie Painter

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  What’s Included:

  • A private strategy call with Erika each month. In these sessions you’ll get solutions to your most pressing business problems. You’ll leave these calls with a clear, strategic plan. You’ll know exactly what you need to do, and how to do it. You’ll receive a recording of the call and notes to refer back to as well. {$1,125 Value}

  • Group coaching sessions to learn essential business strategies & get support. Twice a month we meet on Zoom for coaching sessions where we discuss various topics to get confidence and clarity around some of the key pillars of running a successful business. We cover strategy and mindset, because both are crucial to achieving and maintaining success. These sessions also provide an opportunity for you to get guidance from members of the Squad, and to help your peers as well. All calls are recorded. {$2,400 Value}

  • Training from guest experts to gain crucial skills for all areas of your business. A strong business requires more than just selling. Get high-value training from other women who are experts in their fields. I’ve intentionally selected some of the best and brightest to give you no-nonsense advice so you can build a solid, strategic business. Sessions are recorded & added to a private, Member Hub of past trainings. {$2,500 Value}

  • Enrollment in Erika’s powerful sales course: Conversations that Convert. This course will help you confidently convert your potential clients into paying clients. It will also guide you through handling objections, and you’ll be doing it all without being pushy or sleazy. In fact, you’re going to get raving fans who adore you and refer you to their friends! {$197 Value}

  • Plus a private, Facebook community group to network with your peers and email/Voxer support from Erika! {$900 Value}

    Total value of Success Squad for 3 months is over $7,000.


When you join Success Squad you’ll get all of this for just $427/month.

If you can devote the next three months to getting expert help in your business, it’s going to make a massive difference the rest of the year and beyond.

Imagine how much further along you could be in 3 months by taking action right now!

  • The results don’t lie! Success Squad members see massive revenue growth in just 90 days.

  • They get the tools they didn’t even know they were missing to finally reach their goals.

  • They fast-track their success so they can enjoy their profits now, instead of struggling alone and hoping to get there a year from now.

Don’t waste anymore time (or stress) trying to figure everything out on your own.

You and your business are worth it. You deserve success and joy in your business RIGHT NOW.

Space in Success Squad is limited and members are individually screened to make sure we’re the right fit.

Book your call today!

Get over $7,000 worth of strategy and support for only 3 payments of $427.

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More than doubled her sales, found an amazing support community, excited for the future of her business.

“I am so grateful I found Erika! With her insightful suggestions and exuberant cheerleading, I had the tools I needed to more than double my holiday sales this year!

Not only that, but I’m also feeling ready and excited to begin a new year equipped with what she’s taught me and a support network to support me.” 

-Anna Vos, Owl Post Lettering


Grew her business, gained valuable sales & marketing skills, and was able to leave her 9 to 5!

“I needed to learn how to approach sales in a way that was comfortable for me and for the industry I was selling to. I thought that Erika was going to teach me how to create a sales pitch and I was ready to learn.

What I didn’t realize was that working with Erika would actually give me so much more!

My monthly 1:1 calls kept me on task - we would celebrate wins but also plan next steps. On each call Erika would always have suggestions ready for ways that I could reach out to my ideal clients - things that I wouldn’t have thought to do on my own and that brought me out of my comfort zone.

Our group sessions introduced me to ideas and methods that other entrepreneurs were using to grow their business and that I began incorporating into my own business. 

Working with Erika makes me work better and I am so grateful for her help.

-Rachel Schumont, The Yoga Counsel

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Finished the year stronger than she planned & made new connections!

“I am finishing the 4th quarter stronger and better than I had originally planned. The Squad is keeping me focused on getting the work done and being accountable. It’s also setting me up to continue setting goals and keeping myself accountable for the next quarter.

What’s even better is the support; support from Erika and from the other people who are in the Squad. It’s getting to know what others are doing and what challenges they are going through, I am not alone!

The one on one conversations with Erika are SO helpful. I love to join the webinars and watch the Facebook videos to see what she is sharing. She has great ideas and thoughts to share with you!

I would definitely recommend the Success Squad to anyone who wants to learn to “sell in a way that doesn’t suck.” You’ll learn in a great way how YOU can sell and have fun!!

-Colleen Parisi, A Walk in the Park with Colleen

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 When you join the Success Squad you get more than sales & marketing strategy.

You also get claritycommunity, and confidence.

Clarity- Get clarity around your vision and goals, and a plan to achieve them.

  • We create goals around what you truly desire for your life and your business, not just what society says you should want. 

  • We work together to craft a plan to achieve those goals without sacrificing your core values, or making you feel more “busy.”

Community- Get a group of women who encourage, support, and assist each other.

  • The Success Squad is kept to a small number of members so everyone feels heard and supported.

  • Network with your new Squad members, bounce ideas off of them, and lend your own valuable knowledge & experience to help them succeed too. 

Confidence- Get confidence around your business, your offerings, and sales conversations.

  • You’ll get the crucial help to uncover the mindset blocks that are holding you back, and keeping you from reaching your goals. 

  • We work together to craft offers and pricing you can feel aligned with. And you’ll learn to sell in a way that feels great, so you can show up confidently to every sales conversation.

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It’s perfect if you:

-Are ready to get real help in your business, instead of just downloading freebie after freebie, or signing up for webinars that rarely get watched.

-Want a personalized growth plan you can feel good about.

-Want to take control over your days and weeks and actually feel excited to show up in your business.

-Are ready to invest a small amount of time and money now to get huge returns in the next 3 months & beyond. 

-Run a service or product-based business.

It’s not a good fit for:

-Business owners who want a “magic bullet” solution that will only bring short-term success.

-Those who want a cookie-cutter business plan that doesn’t take into account your goals & personality.

-People who want to run a fully-automated business so that they never have to interact with their clients.

-People who are satisfied with their current revenue and work/life balance and aren’t looking to grow at this time.

-Those running direct sales, network marketing, or MLM businesses.

Get over $7,000 worth of strategy and support for only 3 payments of $427.

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Got fresh insight on her business that she hadn’t found with previous business mentors.

“Erika is the first true business coach I have ever worked with. I have had many "mentors" over the life of my business, but they were always people I found within the community of my own industry. Their advice has been valuable, however nearsighted. 

Erika has been able to look at my business and me; my personality, learning style, etc. and give me a point of view that is completely different.

With her experience helping many different types of businesses she is able to see what types of behaviors work, or don't.

And she helps women apply different strategies to their own business that they may not have otherwise come up with.

-Ashley Wilbur, Ashley Wilbur Photography


Gained the skills & confidence to grow her business with good boundaries!

“I absolutely love working with Erika!! Her down-to-Earth openness and honesty, positive energy and contagious smile eased the anxieties I had asking for help and guidance in my small business.

She has offered a fresh outlook and innovative ideas with attention to detail. I have observed Erika with other small business owners as well and she’s knowledgeable in all genres of the industry.

It’s fascinating how she is able to bring the most difficult hurdles all into perspective!! She helped guide me to fully understand the importance of setting boundaries and showed me the secrets to a successful business!!

I highly recommend this amazing opportunity to work with Erika. I’m looking forward to working with her more in 2019!!”

-Jennifer Rhodes, Mind Body Soul Expo

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Why should you invest in Erika?

Because she makes selling simple and fun, and if you can’t sell, you can’t succeed. End. Of. Story.

She’s been running profitable businesses and teaching others how to sell smarter for over 15 years. She’s done this in the three major retail sectors: multi-million dollar corporate retail, six-figure small business retail, and direct sales.

She’s great at teaching people just like you how to make more money without complex systems or sleazy sales tactics. After all, you didn’t start your business to annoy everyone or feel like you need a MBA to succeed. You can have a dream business without either of these, and it’s easier than you think.

She doesn’t believe in high-pressure sales tactics or suggest them!

There are an infinite number of programs, products, and people to invest in, but everything you do in business will come back to selling.

  • It doesn’t make sense to invest in an Instagram course if you can’t convert your followers into people who will pay you.

  • It doesn’t make sense to run Facebook ads if you don’t have a clear strategy around what you’re selling.

  • It doesn’t make sense to pay money each month for business tools you barely utilize because so-and-so said you needed them in some webinar.

This is what makes the Success Squad different.

Because everything we work on comes back to gaining the knowledge, skills, and tools to be stronger at selling.

No matter what trends come along in your industry, you’ll be successful if you know the foundational principals of business and selling.

And you’re going to get that from the Success Squad!

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  • Membership in the Squad is for 90 days. When you join, you commit to being a member for all three months. This commitment will allow you to build momentum to see real change in your business.

  • Whether you sell a product or service, the Squad is perfect because it focuses on selling and business fundamentals. These are universal!

    (This program is not a good fit for those in network marketing/direct sales.)

  • It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business or how much you’ve made. What matters is that you’re willing to make positive changes in your business and respect and root for your Squad sisters.


A clear revenue plan for her new business & the confidence to implement it.

This group has been invaluable as I officially launched my business!

Our calls have been wonderful. The course, Conversations that Convert, was quick to go through and had so much valuable content!

The feedback and different thought processes we all have has made the interaction valuable too.

Having a "theme" each week or two has helped me focus on something specific among all the other things that happen in a business.

I feel more confident in myself, more comfortable asking for my price, knowing that I don't need to know everything and having places to find resources.

-Jill Flinton, CPA


Learned the skills to show up confidently when selling to clients.

“Erika is wonderful. After hearing her speak at an event, I knew that she was someone I wanted to work with. I love her positive energy and see how passionate she is about helping others.

Her coaching sessions through Zoom make you feel connected and give you a chance to ask all your questions. She even sends you all of the notes in an email after.

She has helped me overcome pricing challenges to become more confident with selling and talking to clients about pricing.

I highly recommend, Erika! She has great energy and makes you feel comfortable. Overall, she's just awesome!!”

-Kate Paquette, Moments by Kate Photography